Apartamentos Osiris Ibiza

Apartments Osiris Ibiza

The Ibicencan Cuisine

In Ibiza you can taste the best national and traditional Ibiza´s cuisine. The cuisine of Ibiza en compass the culture and history of the island.

 Gastronomy at Ibiza


Some traditional cuisine


  • Sofrit pagés: Made with meats, sobrasada and butifarra, local sausages, potatoes & typical products of the region.
  • Guisat de peix: A fish stew cooked in the traditional manner.
  • Arroz de matanzas: This is a soupy rice made with the produce from the well know “matanza” ( pig killing ).
  • Borrida de ratjada: A stew of skate and potatoes.
  • Paella ibicenca: A saffron rice based meal with chicken, pork, squid, prawns, mussels and often vegetables added, cooked in large round flat pan, called a “paella”.
  • Tortilla española: A thick potato and onions omelette eaten hot or cold.
  • Fish soup: Rich fresh fish soup.
  • Tapas: These are small portions or titbits served as a quicked snack ( or trying a dish ), and come in a saucer size portion. They can be cheese, ham, octopus, pork, eggs, saladas, etc …
  • Sobrasada: A dark red sausage made from pork and spicy paprika, placed in a skin made from the intestines.
  • Butifarra: A long dark brown ( or white ) sausage made from cooking the blood and chopped offal of pig, placed in a skin made from the intestines ( similar to black pudding )
  • Jamón Serrano: Cured ham, cut off the bone and served in small thin slithers.
  • Ali-Oli: Mayonnaise made with garlic, served with fresh bread.
  • Arros brut, frita de porc, frita de freixure,frita de polp ( octopus ) … etc. etc…

All Delicious!


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  • Flaó: A tart of fresh cream cheese perfumed with mint ( eggs, goats cheese etc. )
  • Ensamimada: A round, flat, coil-shaped, soft, doughty bread bun, dusted with icing sugar, often filled with mashed sweet pumpkin or cream.
  • Graixonera: A bread pudding made with ensaimadas, a little milk, caramel liquid and eggs, soaked to a thick stodgy consistency.
  • Tortell: A ring of flastry filled with mashed sweet pumpkin and topped with toasted local almonds and dusted with lots of icing sugar.
  • Pan de higos: A rich dark type of cake called “fig bread” ( often sold in halves ), made from local figs and almounds.
  • Buñuelos ( like a dougnnut ), orelletas … etc.


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  • In Ibiza there is a very little choice of local wine. If you get the chance, try some locally made “Vino payés” made from the black grapes grown on the vines skirting many gardens and trodden by foot. It is however, mostly kept in the family.
  • Frigola: This is an herbal liqueur made from thyme here in Ibiza, said by the locals to settle any upset or nervous tummies.
  • Sangría: This is an idea from mainland Spain and is made on basis of red wine, brandy, sugar, chopped fruit, lemonade and just about any thing else ( … Top-secret )
  • Horchata: Originates from Valencia and is a long refreshing drink of crushed tiger nuts ( Chufa ) and milk ( without alcohol ).
  • Hierbas ibicencas: A liqueur made in Ibiza from up to the 16th differents locally grown herbs, including fennel, rosemary, thyme lemon leaves etc.
  • Palo: A liqueur made in Ibiza principally from the carob or locust bean, been growing in great abundance on the island.
  • Absenta: A hard one. No coments…

At day and night you will have a hard time choosing from and infinity variety of dishes: Fish of the day, seafood, fideuá, meat and rice dishes,salads, as well as other delicious recipes and large selection of drinks …

The culinary proposal is as broad as it,s exquisite.

Enjoy the island and forget your watch !